Sudáfrica debate si se permitirá el fracking

Los mismos argumentos en todas partes. Las compañías interesadas en la extracción del gas-pizarra prometen el oro y el moro: trabajo, desarrollo, autosuficiencia energética… Pero todo esto se paga y muy caro. Quizá demasiado caro. Un precio que pagaremos las generaciones actuales y las futuras. Un Tierra en la que pronto ya no se podrá vivir.

Noticia extraída de: BBC news

  •  Fracking is a method that energy companies use to get shale gas out of shallow deposits in the ground.
  • It uses a mix of water and chemicals at very high pressure to split rock.
  • The gas can then escape into “wells” where it can be drawn out for use in homes and power stations.

South Africa debates whether to allow fracking

By Kate Forbes BBC News, Johannesburg

South Africa’s Karoo region is a pristine wilderness of red hills and wildflowers. It is beautiful, desperately poor and is now the new frontline in the global battle over a hugely controversial drilling practice called “fracking”.

The semi-desert area of about 400,000 sq km in the west of the country is home to what could be one of the largest deposits of shale gas in the world, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA) – possibly enough to supply the country with gas for the next 400 years.

But the country is not sure whether to allow the gas to be extracted by fracking.

Fracking supporters say it is the future of energy; detractors that it is an environmental disaster – and the resource-rich country does not have laws in place to properly regulate what is literally an “earth-shattering” type of exploration, which can pollute water sources.

Both sides are furiously lobbying the government – and two major reports have just been published to back up their arguments.

‘Mighty big fish’

South African think-tank Econometrix says fracking would give what is desperately needed in the Karoo: Jobs and development.

The Karoo is popular with tourists because of its unspoilt landscapes – but the mostly black population battles with high unemployment and what services there are in the area are basic.

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